We back the freshest
ingredients on earth with
old school dedication to
customer service.

Commitment to Our Customers

Our commitment to our customers begins at our dairies. Total control of the feed stock and herd rotation translates into less seasonal variation in casein to whey ratios and mineral content in our finished milk protein concentrate (MPC) than any other brand offered in the global market. Milk is chilled on farm and delivered to our plant in full truckload quantities, ensuring full lot traceability of all finished products back to the farm level. The plant is located within 45 minutes of our dairies, and milk delivered to our plant transitions directly to finished product which is made to customer order.

Our plant was designed and built to provide our customers the freshest, highest quality MPC available on the market. We spent three years researching to develop a process in which the proteins are as un-denatured as possible. In blind testing, IdaPro MPC was shown to have 50% less denatured whey protein fraction than the competitive products. Our outstanding product performance results from the combination of proven technology and enhanced process control. All processing is filtration-based without the use of any high-heat steps, thereby maintaining superior protein nutrient quality.

Advanced handling of the carbohydrate portion of our milk, Milk Permeate and Dairy Solids, is also a result of years of research and careful plant design. That’s how we are able to meet our customer needs for a carbohydrate portion that is soluble, non-hygroscopic, with a good milky flavor and a uniform crystal size.

All products produced in our facility are OU Kosher, HALAL, EU Certified and rbST free.

Superior Customer Service

Our qualified and knowledgeable Sales and Customer Service staff ensures that our products are shipped to meet promised delivery dates. All shipments are accompanied by required documentation from Certificate of Analyses to detailed analytical results.

Our strong technical and scientific groups are available to provide clear and complete documentation, answer questions and provide product specific support. Our research team, with a cumulative fifty years of experience in formulating with milk protein concentrate, works with customers on formulations, product and process development, and substantiation of nutritional claims.