When you’re good
to the planet, the
planet is good to you.

Corporate Responsibility

It means appreciating wide-open spaces. 
It means improving fresh air, water and soil. 
It means investing in the future of quality land and livestock.
And most importantly, it means cultivating our home. 

For more than three decades, Idaho Milk Products’ corporate responsibility has extended far beyond agriculture. We believe it is our duty to be stewards of the environment, especially in our Southern Idaho backyard. We are dedicated to efficient and environmentally friendly processes that support our region’s developing community and economy, all while operating the largest milk protein facility in the world. But our facility is only as advanced as the employees who choose a career with us. By building innovative and safe working environments, we help develop dynamic and accomplished employees. 

At Idaho Milk Products, we are committed to agriculture, the environment, the products, our team and most importantly the place we call home—Idaho. For a summary of our corporate responsibility report, please click here