When you’re good
to the planet, the
planet is good to you.

Corporate Responsibility

At its core, Idaho Milk Products is an agricultural company. We live directly from the land and our livestock, and believe it is our responsibility to be conscientious stewards of the environment. Through considered choices and active resource management, we manage our business in a way that pays attention to the protection and conservation of the air, water and soil.

For example, our facility is designed to ensure that the water portion of the three million pounds of milk brought in daily is filtered, treated and reused in the processing and cleaning of the plant. This allows Idaho Milk Products to reuse over two million pounds of water daily instead of further taxing the environment and the Southern Idaho water supply. Our ongoing commitment to the environment is further reflected in production systems that meet or exceed all EPA regulations, and our proactive policy of updating to newly developed earth friendly technologies.

Our employees are the heart of our company and bring life to our purpose. We’re committed to developing employees and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive workplace.