Where 1.1 billion pounds
of raw milk becomes the
world’s freshest array of

Our Facility

The Idaho Milk Products plant was designed and built around a strict HACCP (Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Point) program. The plant itself is unique for a dairy processing operation in that keeping with new HACCP guidelines, each distinct processing step is physically compartmentalized and separate from the other steps. All motor controls and delivery pipes for utilities and milk have been removed from the operating rooms and are in specially designed interstitial spaces above the processing area. This design allows us to maintain an unsurpassed high level of sanitation and hygiene within the dairy process environment. Further, in keeping with these guidelines, the plant utilizes a “utilidor” around the operating rooms; an access corridor that ensures each of the major processing rooms is accessed directly, not through another operating room. This keeps traffic to a minimum and maintains HACCP separation guidelines within the plant.

The first product to come from this process is IdaPro Cream. Fresh whole milk is delivered to the separation room from our cold jacketed delivery silos. Then, standard dairy technology is employed in removing the cream from the milk. Once the fat has been separated from the milk, the cream is pasteurized, chilled back to 36 °F and returned to other cold jacket silos, before shipment to customers. In standard Idaho Milk Products operating procedures, the IdaPro Cream is on the road to our customers within hours of leaving our milking parlors.

The skim milk coming from the cream separation step is pasteurized, chilled and delivered to the filtration operation. Here, a series of cold filtration steps are carried out to separate the protein from the carbohydrate and to concentrate both components. This process was specifically designed to employ low heat filtration to ensure that protein denaturation is minimized as heat denaturation of the proteins causes a loss of functional properties such as solubility and emulsion stability.

IdaPro Milk Protein Concentrates (MPCs) are concentrated milk protein products that contain both major types of protein in milk, casein and whey proteins, in the same ratio found in raw milk. The types of MPC are referred to by their protein concentration. IdaPro MPCs range from 70 percent to 85 percent. These MPCs are used in a range of food and beverage applications with a primary focus on specialty nutrition (i.e. adult nutrition, sports nutrition, meal replacement, infant formulas) and a secondary focus on standardized and processed cheese products. The much higher levels of protein and lower levels of lactose relative to skim milk powder make it a functional ingredient in these higher value applications. Idaho Milk Products is the only dedicated processor of MPC-70, 80, 85 and 85LL in the world that is USDA and Grade A.

From the Ultra-filtration and Dia-filtration step, the carbohydrate portion of the skim milk is separated from the protein portion. Again, this is completed in a cold filtration process. The carbohydrate (lactose) portion of the milk is condensed, chilled and allowed to crystallize prior to being delivered to a custom dryer where the Milk Permeate Powder (de-proteinized dairy solids) is dried to a stable powder. Idaho Milk Products custom Milk Permeate drying operation ensures a non-hygroscopic powder in a uniform crystal size.

IdaPro Milk Permeate Powder is used in wide range of applications, including: standardization of dairy powders and blends, bakery blends, as a tableting excipient in nutritional supplements, as filler in food products as a replacement for maltodextrins, and in higher end animal feeds. IdaPro MPP is unique in that it is pH neutral, non-hygroscopic, non-browning and has a pleasant sweet bland flavor in comparison to the commonly available commodity whey permeates. IdaPro MPP is Grade A and can be labeled as Milk Permeate or Dairy Solids.

The end result of our dedication to freshness and state of the art production efficiencies is a mega volume facility that can annually process 1.1 billion pounds of raw milk into 40 million pounds of IdaPro MPC, 94 Million Pounds of IdaPro Cream, and 54 Million Pounds of IdaPro MPP.