IdaPro MPC is the smart
choice when you’re ready to
make the best Ready
To Drink beverage.

Adult / Clinical Nutrition

IdaPro Milk Proteins are the protein ingredient of choice for high protein Ready to Drink (RTD) shakes. IdaPro Milk Protein contains undamaged, low heat processed, native structure milk proteins. Our milk proteins are manufactured by the filtration of skim milk and contain all of the proteins naturally found in milk in their pure, natural state. Unlike cheese whey proteins that have undergone extensive chemical and heat modification, IdaPro Milk Protein contains whey proteins in their native, undenatured structure and also contains micellar casein, the natural form of casein in milk.

In a blind sensory evaluation performed at the University of North Carolina, IdaPro Milk Proteins were shown to possess a fresher, blander flavor than competitors’ protein powders. This allows formulators to save money by using less flavoring. IdaPro Milk Protein powders also allow Ready to Drink beverage formulators to use lower phosphate stabilizer levels for improved flavor, while maintaining long-term shelf life stability. The superior heat stability and fresher flavor of IdaPro Milk Protein powders make them the number one choice of high protein Ready to Drink beverage formulators. IdaPro Milk Proteins are even available in a low lactose form for those who desire a no lactose label claim.

At current market prices, IdaPro Milk Protein is also a smart ingredient. A high protein Ready to Drink beverage would cost 5% to 10% less when formulated with Milk Protein powder as opposed to caseinates and/or whey protein isolate.

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