The freshest MPC on
earth makes a world of
difference in yogurt texture
and creaminess.


IdaPro Milk Proteins  in Yogurt

IdaPro Milk Proteins are an excellent ingredient for stabilizing yogurt and increasing protein versus skim solids for Greek style yogurt applications. Stabilizers such as modified food starch, pectin, gelatin and/or gums can provide desired texture to yogurt, however, if used in excess, they will also detract from the desired flavor and aroma profile. In regular, low fat, or Nonfat yogurt, the use of IdaPro Milk Proteins as part of the stabilizing system will result in a yogurt with a heavier body and creamier texture without detracting from flavor and aroma.

IdaPro Milk Proteins are especially beneficial in Greek style yogurt applications. Traditional methods for manufacture of Greek style yogurts are too cumbersome and unhygienic for large scale, modern yogurt manufacturing facilities. To make a consistent quality Greek style yogurt, use IdaPro Milk Proteins to increase the protein content to desired levels. At normal Greek style yogurt compositions, IdaPro Milk Proteins will add significantly to texture and stability, reducing the necessity for the addition of other stabilizers.

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IdaPro Milk Proteins in Processed Cheese

The predominant application for IdaPro MPC-70 is in the production of Processed Cheese or “Non-Standardized” cheese. From day one, the superior flavor and functional properties of our IdaPro MPC-70 have made it a sought after protein source even by those processed cheese manufacturers who make their own MPC-70.

As an ingredient in processed cheese, IdaPro Milk Proteins increases cheese emulsification, adds to cheese body, and helps to control melt characteristics. IdaPro Milk Proteins are added to processed cheese formulations to achieve the proper fat to nonfat solids ratio (especially when milk fat is also an ingredient in the formulation) and to improve appearance by promoting a more homogenous, creamier looking texture.

Perhaps the most important function for milk proteins in processed cheese is to control the melt characteristics. By carefully adjusting usage levels of IdaPro Milk Proteins in processed cheese formulations, the extent of melt browning, melt spread and deformity can be easily controlled. IdaPro MPC-70 can also be used to “extend” cheese milk and to manufacture cheese from recombined milk with IdaPro MPC-70 as an ingredient.

IdaPro Milk Proteins in Natural Cheese

Where regulations allow, IdaPro Milk Proteins can be used to manufacture natural cheeses. In the many geographical areas of the world with limited supply of fluid milk for cheese making, it is common for IdaPro Milk Proteins to be utilized to extend limited fluid milk solids or to function as milk solids when fluid milk isn’t available. IdaPro Milk Proteins have been found to produce excellent quality natural cheeses and has been used to manufacture almost every type of natural cheese. Cheese manufacturers who utilize IdaPro Milk Proteins also enjoy the benefit of a decrease in whey solids. Where regulations allow, IdaPro Milk Proteins can be dispersed directly into cheese milk prior to pasteurization of the milk and the start of cheese making (cheese milk extension). It can also be dispersed in water and the resulting suspension used in place of milk for cheese making.

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IdaPro Milk Proteins and MPP in Recombined Milk

In the warmer geographical areas of the world, cow’s milk is scarce or absent. In such locations, large “milk recombining” factories manufacture fluid milk products for local consumers. Typically, IdaPro Milk Proteins are dispersed in water at proper levels, milk fat is added to obtain the desired fat levels, and whey or permeate powders are added to achieve a composition which approximates fluid milk. For example, combining 90% water, 4.36% IdaPro MPC-80, and 5.64% IdaPro MPP together will result in a recombined skim milk product with the same approximate composition as real fluid skim milk. To simulate whole milk, it is only necessary to add milk fat in the desired ratio and homogenize the mixture. Because IdaPro Milk Proteins deliver an optimal bland flavor and aroma profile, it helps to produce a high quality recombined milk with exceptionally realistic sensory properties.

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IdaPro Milk Permeate in Sour Cream Type Products

IdaPro Milk Permeate powder (MPP) meets the regulatory requirements for the standard of identity of sour cream.¹ Solids nonfat fortification levels in sour cream can range from 9 to 11% of the total dairy solids. Testing protocols and starting levels for replacement have been completed at a leading US Dairy Centered University. These starting levels of IdaPro Milk Permeate substitution for nonfat sour cream result in a finished product that meets the current standard, while reducing cost.

Cost Savings Examples:

Following standard fortification levels (10%) and using 25% initial capture of solids Nonfat raw using IdaPro MPP estimated material savings are:²

  • Savings over NFDM = $19.12/1,000 lbs manufactured sour cream
  • Savings over WPC-34 = $2.37/1,000 lbs manufactured sour cream

IdaPro MPP is also used for applications in other cultured dairy products, including sour cream type dips, and cream cheese.

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¹ Code of FederalRegulations(CFR) Handbook 21, Capter 1, Section 131.162 states: (b) Optional Ingredients.
 Safe and suitable ingredients that improve texture, prevent syneresis, or extend shelf life of the product.
² Assumes MPP pricing of $0.285, $1.05 NFDM and $0.38 WPC-34 pricing.