IdaPro Cream and MPC
bring new levels of delicious
decadence to a wide range
of desserts.


IdaPro Cream

IdaPro Cream can be used to manufacture a wide variety of low to high fat dairy based products. Cream is an essential ingredient in ice cream, sour cream, custards, frostings, pie fillings, whipped toppings, and bakery products. Since our IdaPro Cream is the freshest available, it is integral in manufacturing products with the freshest flavor and aroma profiles.

IdaPro Milk Proteins

Where regulations allow, IdaPro Milk Proteins can be used as a functional ingredient in dessert products in the replacement of skim milk powder or caseinates. IdaPro Milk Products can also be used in bakery applications in replacement of skim milk solids, especially those bakery applications where browning is not desirable.

IdaPro Milk Proteins are used to stabilize hard pack ice cream formulations while providing a creamier texture, as well as in low fat and nonfat hard pack ice cream formulations to provide extra mouthfeel and body. IdaPro Milk Proteins are utilized in freeze-thaw stable whipped topping and pie filling applications for emulsification and water binding properties.

IdaPro Milk Protines are also used in the manufacture of regular or high protein puddings and custards. Our milk protein provides desired pudding body without the necessity of gums, while providing a full fat, creamy mouthfeel even when the pudding does not contain fat. IdaPro Milk Proteins can also deliver delicious attributes to frozen cheesecake, as well as frozen pies and pastries.

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