There’s an IdaPro
ingredient for every
formula you can think of.
And some you haven’t.

Ingredient Solutions

IdaPro Milk Proteins I can be used in replacement of skim milk solids in almost every blending application. Just adjust the amount of IdaPro Milk Proteins used in the formula to reflect the higher protein content of IdaPro Milk Protein powder versus skim milk powder. The advantage of using IdaPro Milk Proteins in blends vs. milk powders is that in conjunction with other ingredients, IdaPro Milk Proteins can provide enhanced functional properties to the blends, including water binding, emulsification, and texture.

IdaPro Milk Permeate Powder and IdaPro Dairy Solids

In many blending applications, IdaPro MPP and IdaPro Dairy Solids can be used to replace whey powder, lactose, low protein whey powder, partially delactosed whey powder, and even grain based carbohydrate filler powders. IdaPro MPP and IdaPro Dairy Solids are non-hygroscopic, with excellent flow characteristics. IdaPro MPP and IdaPro Dairy Solids can also be used as an economical replacement of other dairy based ingredients in bakery applications, infant formulas, and as a cost saving filler in nutritional powders.

IdaPro Milk Proteins & MPP Combined

Where regulations allow, IdaPro Milk Proteins and IdaPro MPP can be used to “standardize” fluid milk or milk powders to desired protein levels. In situations where milk or powders are slightly too high or too low in protein content, one can add IdaPro Milk Proteins or IdaPro MPP to the milk powders to achieve required protein content.

IdaPro Milk Proteins and IdaPro MPP can also be added to fluid milk or milk powders to “extend” the powders without a loss of product quality. In locations where regulations allow, IdaPro Milk Proteins and IdaPro MPP can be blended together in proper ratios (usually 1 part MPC-80 and 1.3 parts MPP).

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