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Sports Nutrition

IdaPro Milk Proteins are a win/win for sports nutrition formulas. Each time an athlete trains or competes, muscle tissue is damaged. After exercise, the body immediately attempts to start repairing the damaged muscle tissue using the amino acids required for muscle tissue repair. Because these key amino acids are obtained from consumed food, protein intake is extremely critical for hard training athletes. Without proper pre- and post-exercise nutrition, the athlete will not have the required amino acids available and therefore experience slower recovery and a gradual loss in size and strength of skeletal muscle tissue.

IdaPro Milk Proteins contain undamaged, low heat processed, native structure milk proteins. They are manufactured by filtration of skim milk and contain all of the proteins naturally found in milk including micellar casein and native whey proteins in their pure, natural state. IdaPro Milk Proteins are an excellent source of bioactive fast (whey) and slow-digesting (micellar casein) dietary proteins. An obvious benefit of milk protein is the high, concentrated protein content with an outstanding amino acid profile that is better than casein and/or caseinates and almost equal to whey proteins.

A lesser known benefit of milk protein is the highly bioavailable milk mineral content, predominantly calcium and phosphorous which help to build stronger skeletal support, and zinc and magnesium which help to stimulate metabolic growth. The combination of high quality fast and slow digesting proteins and highly bioavailable milk minerals make IdaPro Milk Proteins the perfect food for hard training athletes.

Hard training athletes require more protein intake than others, and the best single predictor of how well an athlete will recover after training or competing is their protein status. If the protein status is inadequate, the body will recover more slowly after exercise and performance will suffer. It’s almost impossible for a hard training athlete to consume sufficient quantities of protein in a regular diet. Therefore, an athlete’s diet requires protein supplementation to maintain sufficient amino acid levels for repair and growth of muscle tissue.

Micellar casein is a slow digesting protein which has been shown to release amino acids into the bloodstream for many hours after consumption for a prolonged period of elevated plasma amino acids. The elevated plasma amino acid levels maintain prolonged periods of body protein synthesis to help accelerate muscle tissue repair. Micellar casein is also the only protein that has been scientifically shown to inhibit metabolic protein breakdown - the type of muscle tissue breakdown that occurs during strenuous exercise. Multiple studies have also shown that micellar casein provides better overall protein deposition, better retention of amino acids, and better utilization of amino acids compared to whey proteins.

Whey proteins, on the other hand, have been shown to digest rapidly and absorb rapidly into the bloodstream, quickly delivering amino acids for muscle tissue repair. Whey proteins have also been shown to strongly stimulate metabolic protein synthesis. Studies have shown, however, that amino acids contributed by consumption of whey proteins disappear quickly, leaving the body at a deficit for required amino acids to affect muscle repair after exercise. It is logical then that a combination of whey protein (to stimulate protein synthesis) and micellar casein (for prolonged muscle tissue repair) is the best protein mix for athletes. IdaPro Milk Proteins contains both micellar casein and whey proteins, thereby providing optimal metabolic benefits in one key ingredient. IdaPro Milk Proteins provides better overall protein deposition, retention, and amino acid utilization compared to whey protein or casein/caseinates alone.

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