IdaPro MPC can help
your weight loss formula
gain the upper hand.

Weight Management

IdaPro Milk Proteins are an excellent ingredient for weight loss products. Studies have shown that when included in weight loss products, milk proteins provide satiation and stimulate enhanced fat burning. The feeling of satiation with milk protein lasts hours longer than with other proteins because of the stomach clotting properties of milk proteins and because Glycomacropeptide (GMP) is released when the stomach begins digestion of the casein protein in milk proteins. GMP has also been shown to stimulate certain areas of the brain to provide a sensation of satiation.

Individuals on calorie-restricted diets have less desire to eat when they consume products containing milk proteins because of the satiating properties of the casein micelles in milk proteins. Milk protein-bound calcium has also been shown to increase fat loss for people on calorie restricted diets by as much as 22% vs. proteins without bioavailable calcium. This is because the calcium bound to the casein micelle in milk protein is more bioavailable -- it absorbs more efficiently into the blood and is utilized more efficiently by the cells to help burn fat.

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