The freshest, most
consistent milk product
ingredients lead to the
best tasting end products.

The IdaPro Advantage


Idaho Milk Products was born when three visionary American family dairies joined forces to elevate the world’s expectations for ultra fresh and consistent, high quality dairy ingredients.

As our vision has become a reality, our IdaPro products have gained the trust of loyal customers across the country and around the world.

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Timing is total control.

Because our dairies supply our raw milk, they not only control what their cows eat, they control the breeding schedule of the entire herd. To insure product consistency, they rotate their herd breeding schedule so that roughly the same number of cows are calving and lactating throughout the year. Other brands work with inconsistent raw milk that varies widely in mineral content and whey- protein to casein-protein ratios during the forty-two to forty-four week lactation period. The unmatched consistency of our raw milk pays big dividends to our customers who depend on our consistent ingredient profiles for their end product formulations.

Timing is freshness.

We provide the freshest, highest quality products available by operating the world’s most efficient farm-to-finished product dairy operation. IdaPro products can transition from raw milk to final packaging within twenty-four hours. Many other major suppliers can’t even start processing their raw milk supply before it’s over twenty-four hours old.


From our milking parlors through final product packaging, IdaPro ingredients are produced in a closed-loop, absolute temperature controlled environment. Our owner operated dairies are within a forty-five minute drive of our high tech processing facility. Every day, three million pounds of farm fresh raw milk is chilled immediately after collection, then delivered to our plant by a dedicated fleet of tankers.

After the chilled raw milk is transferred to our refrigerated raw milk silos, we immediately begin the separation process. Nearly 250,000 pounds of IdaPro Cream is quickly pasteurized and shipped to our customers on the very day of milking.

The remaining skim milk immediately undergoes pasteurization and filtration before being processed as IdaPro Milk Proteins or IdaPro Milk Permeate Powder.

Our commitment to freshness means that IdaPro Milk Proteins have very consistent functional properties, with minimal lot-to-lot variation. Also, studies have shown that reconstituted milk tastes better when made from the freshest milk. This results in more pleasing fresh milk flavors and fewer off flavors detected by consumers.

Timing is technology.

Our state of the art USDA certified plant is dedicated to the production of only three product categories: Milk Protein, Milk Permeate and Cream. We are the only Grade-A designated MPC-80+ processing plant in the world. And we didn’t just build our new facility to meet HACCP requirements; we used HACCP guidelines as the blueprint for our entire operation.  As a testament to our commitment to quality, our facility also holds certification in SQF 2000 Code Level 3 for comprehensive food safety and quality management systems.

Every processing step is directed by a single custom control software system that synchronizes and controls the actions of the plant as an integrated process from beginning to end, not as individual and separate processes working independent of one another.

Quality Assurance within our facility begins directly on the processing lines. Infra-red and Near Infra-red analytical equipment is installed in the processing lines and in the control rooms to provide instant analysis and feedback to the operators. State of the art analytical equipment and traditional methodologies are employed throughout processing to ensure the most stringent quality standards are met and kept.

Naturally, all of our products are rated USDA Grade A, OU Kosher, IFANCA Halal, EU certified, rBST-free

Timing is productivity and reliability.

We operate the largest dedicated Milk Protein facility in the world, processing 40 million pounds (18 million kgs) of IdaPro Milk Proteins per year. We also annually produce over 55 million pounds (25 million kgs) of IdaPro Milk Permeate Powder and 92 million pounds (43 million kgs) of IdaPro Cream.

We also have the capability to produce and ship Liquid Milk Protein within customer supplied specification ranges.

It’s time for IdaPro Milk Proteins

We specialize in the production of IdaPro MPC-80, MPI-85, and MPI-85 Low Lactose. IdaPro Milk Proteins are characterized by a clean, light, milky flavor and aroma. Our milk proteins have excellent solubility and emulsifying capabilities and include casein and whey proteins in the same unaltered ratio as found in fresh milk.

IdaPro Milk Proteins are used to add protein and nutritional and functional benefits to dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, ice cream, and ready to drink beverages for weight management, sports nutrition and adult nutrition.

To further ensure intact protein for optimal nutrition and functionality, we utilize a proprietary low heat production process.

We took our time and got it right.

Instead of relying on a modified dryer used by other companies, our dryer was custom designed and built from bottom to top to yield a higher more consistent quality Milk Protein.

In sensory testing, IdaPro Milk Protein powder was determined to have the cleanest and freshest flavor and aroma profile of any of the powders tested. It also met or exceeded the field of competitive products in all functional attributes tested.

An Independent Panel at North Carolina State University tested IdaPro MPC-80 and MPI-85 against eight competitive samples in a blind study. The panel found the IdaPro products scored significantly higher than all samples. They had the cleanest, freshest flavor and aroma, scored the lowest in lipid oxidation, and did not have any significant undesirable flavor components.*

*The Southeast Dairy Foods Research Center, North Carolina State University, Dr. Maryanne Drake, July 13, 2010.

In functional testing, IdaPro Milk Proteins scored high compared to competitive products in Nitrogen Solubility, Suspension Stability, Viscosity and Emulsion Stability. IdaPro products have uniform particle size with and better flowability than the competitive set.

IdaPro products also excel in important functional properties for food and beverage applications (solubility, suspension stability, emulsion stability, viscosity).*

*Testing conducted at Dairy Products Technology Center, California Polytech State University, Dr. Phillip Tong and Dr. Vandna Sikand, Reported July 13, 2010.

It’s time for better Milk Permeate Powder (MPP) products.

Just as with our IdaPro Milk Proteins, we’ve designed and constructed a custom dryer to help us create the highest quality IdaPro MPP. It’s another step in our overall brand commitment to provide our end users with the best quality ingredients at the right time and the right price.

As we annually ship more than 55 million pounds (25 million kgs) of IdaPro MPP to customers around the world, we work to make sure every shipment meets our end users’ exacting expectations.

We offer the first Grade A MPP available globally. Our non-hygroscopic products excel because of their sweet milky flavor and aroma profiles, and their near neutral pH values.

Time is of the essence in everything we do.

IdaPro Cream is shipped the day it is collected from our owner cows in 40 to 70 thousand pound liquid tanker trucks. IdaPro Milk Proteins are packaged within twenty-four hours into 20 kg multi-walled bags and 500 or 700 kg lined totes. IdaPro MPP is same-day packaged in 25 kg multi-walled bags and 1,000 kg lined totes.

It’s time to talk about another key strength.

Our employees bring a broad range of skills and experience to form a flexible passionate team. Experienced process engineers and manufacturing experts control our high technology production facility. Ultra vigilant food, nutrition and microbiology experts deliver an unmatched level of quality control.

Our Sales Management Team specializes in the food and nutrition market, backed by a scientific background that enables us to better understand our customers’ needs.

Through our well-balanced mixture of technological and managerial expertise, strong product and industry knowledge, and the highest level of quality focus, Idaho Milk Products has quickly become a respected, successful international force.

We are a trusted, globally capable supplier ready to work with domestic and international food and nutrition customers who believe it’s time to demand a new level of product freshness, functionality, flavor and value.

If that’s what you expect from your most trusted suppliers, it’s time to contact Idaho Milk Products.

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