Now there’s a better way
to handle formulations
for people who can’t
handle lactose.

IdaPro MPI-85 Low Lactose

Idaho Milk Products Milk Protein Isolate 85 Low Lactose (MPI-85LL) is manufactured from fresh pasteurized skim milk using a proven low-heat membrane filtration process to ensure that the protein is undenatured and remains highly functional and nutritional. IdaPro MPI-85LL is eighty five percent protein on a dry weight basis, with the casein and whey proteins in the same ratio that naturally occurs in fresh cow milk. Other component target values are fat 1.3%, lactose .85%, ash 6.75% and moisture 5%. MPI-85LL has a clean, light, milky flavor and aroma. IdaPro MPI-85LL has test-proven functional attributes: superior solubility, emulsifying properties, suspension stability and viscosity stability.