Our MPC options
are varied, but our
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remains a constant.

Milk Protein Concentrate and Isolate (MPC/MPI)

Idaho Milk Products produces 70% - 90% protein powders under the IdaPro brand name. IdaPro MPC/MPI delivers casein and whey proteins in the same unaltered ratio as found in fresh milk. It’s characterized by a clean, light, milky flavor and aroma with excellent solubility and emulsifying capabilities. IdaPro MPC/MPI is used to add protein and nutritional and functional benefits to dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, ice cream, and ready-to-drink beverages for weight management, sports nutrition and adult nutrition.

Our Milk Protein Concentrate and Isolate is manufactured from farm fresh, Grade A fluid milk using only filtration processes to concentrate the milk protein while significantly reducing the lactose content. No chemicals are added to the milk during processing. That is why IdaPro MPC/MPI delivers the highest quality milk proteins in their purest, most natural form, along with easy-to-absorb important milk minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and zinc that are complexed to the milk proteins. To assure that our IdaPro MPC/MPI is rbST-free, our owned and operated dairy farms provide written certification that they do not inject their cows with rbST (Bovine Somatotropin).

In sensory testing, IdaPro MPC was determined to have the cleanest and  freshest flavor and aroma profile of any powders tested. It also met or exceeded the field of competitive products in all tested functional attributes.

IdaPro Excels In Testing!

In a blind study, an independent panel at North Carolina State University tested IdaPro MPC-80 and MPI-85 against eight competitive samples. The panel found that Idaho Milk Products IdaPro MPC/MPI scored significantly higher than all competitive samples. IdaPro MPC/MPI had the cleanest, freshest flavor and aroma, scored the lowest in lipid oxidation, and did not have any significant undesirable flavor components.¹

In functional testing, IdaPro MPC/MPI scored high compared to competitive MPC/MPIs in important functional properties for food and beverage applications (nitrogen solubility, suspension stability, viscosity and emulsion stability). IdaPro MPC/MPIs have uniform particle size and better flowability than the competitive set.²

Milk Protein Concentrate and Isolate is a High Quality, Cost Effective Replacement of Whey Proteins

Whey protein is no longer the least expensive and most profitable protein to use in protein fortified food product formulation. At current pricing, a food product manufactured with MPI-85 as a replacement for whey protein isolate would cost up to 12% less than a comparable protein powder manufactured with WPI/WPC. That makes IdaPro MPC/MPI an excellent way to increase profits while maintaining a high quality, protein fortified, food product. Just replace some or all of the whey protein in your product formula with IdaPro Milk Protein Concentrate or Isolate from Idaho Milk Products.

Whey proteins are produced as a by-product of cheese manufacture. Unless cheese demand increases significantly, there will be no significant increase in whey protein availability and no foreseeable decrease in whey protein prices. Wise R&D formulators are looking to other high quality milk proteins for relief from whey protein supply shortages and wild price fluctuations. MPC/MPI is the wise choice to extend or replace whey proteins, especially WPI.

IdaPro MPC/MPI is undamaged, low heat processed, native structure milk protein. It is manufactured by filtration of skim milk and contains all of the proteins naturally found in milk in their pure, natural state.
Unlike cheese whey proteins that have undergone extensive chemical and heat modification, IdaPro MPC/MPI contains whey proteins in their native, undenatured structure and also contains micellar casein, the natural form of casein in milk. IdaPro MPC/MPI is an excellent source of bioactive fast and slow digesting dietary proteins.

Let us help you use IdaPro undenatured MPC/MPI in your product formulations. Whether you want to extend or completely replace whey protein with a less expensive and more readily available high quality protein ingredient in your formulations, we can help you. Given today’s whey protein market issues, those companies that have replaced all or part of the WPI in their product formulas with IdaPro MPC/MPI have simplified their supply chain and increased their profits while gaining valuable consumer benefits, including improved physiological response, enhanced nutrient bioavailability, and increased efficacy of muscle metabolism.

Dairy Based Blends

Milk based blends cover a multitude of products from Ice Cream Blends to Bakery Blends; from Nonfat Dried Milk to MPC/MPIs with specific protein levels for specific applications. Two major milk components in these blends are adjusted to enhance functionality: protein and carbohydrate. IdaPro MPC/MPI is designed to be a perfect complement to the entire spectrum of dairy based blends.

How to use MPC/MPI in Dairy Based Blends

Application of MPC/MPIs:

MPC/MPIs are used in Dairy Based Blends where the protein levels need to be increased for either labeling purposes or for the functionality that the proteins bring to the blend. A good example of the functionality of MPC/MPI in a Dairy Based Blend is an Ice Cream Blend. A small amount of Milk Protein Concentrate or Isolate in an Ice Cream Blend will help to inhibit lactose sanding during freeze thaw cycles by binding water in the product during the thaw phase. IdaPro MPC/MPI has been independently tested and has been shown to have superior functional properties versus other MPC/MPIs on the market; when protein is required, the use of IdaPro MPC/MPI enables the delivery of higher quality Dairy Based Blends.

¹ The Southeast Dairy Foods Research Center, North Carolina State University, Dr. Maryanne Drake, July 13, 2010.
²Testing conducted at Dairy Products Technology Center, California Polytech State University, Dr. Phillip Tong and Dr. Vandna Sikand, Reported July 13, 2010.