Why Idaho Milk Products

Quality you can count on

In a standardized market, you still want top quality. And having a supplier who is invested in your business is critical to your success. That’s why we’re here.

Idaho Milk Products and the IdaPro and IdaPlus brands are known for the freshest and highest-quality dairy ingredients on the market. But the strength of our products—driven by thoughtful farming, tight process timelines, and cutting-edge technology—is only the first reason why working together with Idaho Milk Products is just plain smart. Our team’s commitment to farm ethics and family farming values makes us a dependable asset to you, a trusted supplier for the ingredients you need that make your workday a little easier. We’re always on it, with you in mind.


Rely on us to work with your products in mind. Commitment to excellence is our heritage—we go the extra mile to deliver highest-quality products, just how you need them. We know that you can do your best business when you can count on a known process, known products, and known people. So our tight-knit team of food scientists, technologists, and food processing experts takes pride in transforming the best milk in the world into the best milk protein concentrate and isolate, milk permeate, and cream in the world.


Count on fresh every time. By working closely with our supplier dairies, we provide the freshest, most consistent, and highest quality milk products in the market. From raw milk to final packaging, we’re ready to ship our milk proteins and cream in just 24 hours. Our milk permeate is ready just 24 hours later. Whether you’re down the street or around the world, we are always at the ready to deliver the ingredients you need to create your exceptional finished products.


Delight your customers with a consistent and high-quality end product. Our raw milk comes from dairies located within 45 minutes of our processing facility, which affords us hands-on access and firsthand knowledge of our supply herds. Working closely with our supplier farmers—always keeping animal health a top priority—is at the heart of our business. Doing so allows us to deliver products with consistent ratios of casein protein to whey protein and consistent mineral profiles, all with minimal lot-to-lot variation. We ensure that you to receive the consistently high-quality Grade A, rBST-free ingredients you need, every time.


Take confidence in our commitment. We put our hearts and minds into what we do best, focusing our efforts on three product categories at our FDA-certified plant: milk protein concentrate and isolate, milk permeate, and cream. It starts when our raw milk travels by dedicated tankers to our state-of-the-art processing facility, where it then enters our closed-loop, temperature-controlled system that processes more than 3 million lbs. of raw milk per day.

As the first Grade-A designated MPC-80+ processing plant in the world, we process more than 1.1 billion lbs. of milk annually. And because food safety and quality are of utmost importance to us we used HACCP guidelines as the blueprint for our entire operation. That’s also why we installed infrared and near-infrared analytical equipment throughout our processing lines and control rooms to provide real-time analytics to operators.