Dairy Applications

Create dairy and dessert products that stand apart in the market. Look to the IdaPro MPCs and IdaPlus 1085 for milk protein concentrate and isolate, milk permeate, and cream that give you a development and production advantage with reliable physical properties and proven deliciousness.


Stabilize yogurt and increase the ratio of protein-to-skim-solids in your Greek-style yogurt applications. Traditional Greek-style processing methods can be cumbersome and non-hygienic in large-scale modern yogurt manufacturing facilities. But using IdaPro Milk Protein Concentrate, IdaPlus 1085, or IdaPro Milk Protein Isolate, improves texture and stability without introducing the undesired flavors and aromas associated with other stabilizers—such as modified food starch, pectin, gelatin, or gum.

Processed Cheese

Take advantage of IdaPro MPC and IdaPlus 1085 to produce superior processed—or “non-standardized”—cheese products. From increasing emulsification and body, to controlling melt characteristics such as browning, spread, and deformity, our milk proteins deliver the control you need to balance the fat-to-nonfat solids ratio and develop processed cheese products with a more natural appearance and homogenous, creamy texture.

Natural Cheese

Use IdaPro MPC and IdaPlus 1085 in the manufacture of high-quality natural cheeses. If you experience a limited supply of fluid milk and regulations allow, our milk proteins can extend fluid milk solids or even stand in the place of milk solids when fluid milk isn’t available. IdaPro MPCs and IdaPlus 1085 can also decrease whey solids in natural cheese formulations, with proven success as an ingredient in excellent-quality finished products in almost every style of natural cheese.

Sour Cream

Discover a new way to produce sour cream, dips, and cream cheese—and meet the regulatory requirements for the standard identity of sour cream. Adding IdaPro Milk Permeate creates great results for manufacturing nonfat sour cream—with an optimal starting level for nonfat solids fortification, between 9 and 11 percent of total dairy solids—while reducing total cost of production.


IdaPro Cream
Dream up new desserts—from ice cream and custards, to frostings, pie fillings, and whipped toppings—with IdaPro Cream as a key to freshness and consistency. The reliable physical properties of IdaPro Cream enable fine-tuned food formulation for both low and high-fat options. And because our cream ships within 24 hours of milking, it’s the freshest option on the market—resulting in finished products with the freshest flavors and aroma profiles.

IdaPro MPCs and IdaPlus 1085 milk proteins
Create delicious dessert products without using skim milk powder or caseinates, where regulations allow. From cheesecakes and frozen pies, to baked goods and custards—IdaPro MPCs and IdaPlus 1085 milk proteins give you the control you need to produce what your customers desire. Prevent unwanted browning in the bakery; increase stability, creaminess, and mouthfeel in hard-pack ice cream; and bind water in freeze-thaw-stable whipped toppings and pie fillings.