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How should I use Milk Permeate Powder (MPP) for sodium reduction?

In general, 10 to 11 grams of milk permeate powder will replace 1 gram of salt in a formulation, without sacrificing flavor. It is recommended to balance the addition of milk permeate powder by reducing other macro-ingredients such as flour, fat, eggs, granulated sugar and other carbohydrates. In ma… Learn More

What are the advantages of milk proteins?

Milk proteins are value-added ingredients that offer food and beverage manufacturers great taste, unsurpassed nutrition and superior functionality in a variety of applications. Milk proteins have excellent solubility and emulsifying capabilities delivering enhanced texture, flavor and consistency. M… Learn More

Can milk proteins be used in infant formula?

Great strides have been made in the production of nutritionally sound infant formulas, which mimic many of the major characteristics of human milk. Cow’s milk protein-based infant formulas are relied upon to provide optimal nutritional support for infants that, for a variety of reasons, cannot… Learn More

Why does protein quality matter?

Protein quality is a key consideration when selecting high-protein containing ingredients. Protein plays an integral role in the body’s structure, function and regulation of tissues and organs. The body can make the protein it needs only if all the essential amino acids are available from the food… Learn More