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Why should I use IdaPlus 1085 in my yogurt formulation?

There are several benefits that come from using IdaPlus 1085 in yogurt manufacturing. With better solubility that leads to a more efficient dispersion and hydration, lower buffering capacity, improved water holding capacity and stronger gel strength, a yogurt manufacturer can experience the followin… Learn More

Why are dairy proteins so important to a balanced diet?

With an ever-increasing elderly population, sarcopenia, the loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength with age, is becoming a serious global public health problem. Eating more protein such as lean meat, eggs and dairy products can help in the fight against gradual muscle loss. Current guidelines… Learn More

What are the nutritional differences between MPC/MPI and WPC/WPI?

Whey protein is fast-digesting, meaning the proteins empty from the stomach quickly, resulting in a rapid and substantial increase in amino acids, which aids in muscle synthesis. Casein protein, however, is slow-releasing. Casein consumption results in a prolonged increase in blood amino acids, whic… Learn More