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Are cows fed Idaho Grown Crops?

A full 75% of the feed to the cows is Idaho grown. Mainly corn, alfalfa, and barley are grown in Idaho and fed to our cows. The other 25% are grain by-products following removal of certain human consumption products; examples, soy and canola meal following oil removal and cotton seed following cotto… Learn More

Will Milk Permeate Powder (MPP) be subject to Maillard Browning over time as happens with Whey Permeate Powder (WPP)? Are there applications where MPP might be more likely to undergo the browning reaction?

It is well known that WPP will undergo Maillard Browning over storage time. This is because WPP contains the milk sugar, lactose, which is a well-known reducing sugar, along with free amino acids and short length, hydrolyzed protein peptides. In the manufacture of cheese, protein hydrolysis occurs, … Learn More

How does MPC eliminate acid whey waste?

High-protein or Greek-style yogurt made with MPC eliminates acid whey waste by straining skim milk solids before making yogurt and eliminating the need for a second straining step that generates acid whey after the yogurt is manufactured. When used at the optimal levels, the water binding properties… Learn More

What is Acid Whey?

Acid whey is a byproduct of making acid types of dairy products including high-protein or Greek-style yogurts made with a centrifuge method. In order to concentrate the yogurt, the whey is “strained” off. While acid whey can be used in limited quantities in many applications including animal fee… Learn More