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Lactose vs Milk Permeate Powders in Industrial Kitchen Settings

To the average person, the recipes used in large-scale industrial cooking settings might seem strange and unfamiliar. But every good food scientist knows that appealing to today’s consumers requires modern product formulations to meet several challenging criteria, blending traditional cooking tech… Learn More

What is the Process for Making Milk Protein Concentrate?

Food science is a field overflowing with groundbreaking research, hard-working scientists, and continually evolving innovations. As we understand more about the actual contents of the foods we consume, new possibilities become clear — and through experimentation, new product opportunities often ap… Learn More

Formulating the Best Keto Ice Cream

Keto Ice Cream Every diet needs some room for special treats. While the most dedicated dieter might be able to subsist on only rice and beans and find themselves content, the average individual pursuing a special meal plan won’t have such a resistance to temptation. Providing a reliable source… Learn More

The Ultimate Guide to Milk Protein Concentrate/Isolate

What is milk protein concentrate/isolate (MPC/MPI), how is it made, and for what purposes is it most useful? When you’re new to the world of milk protein products, it’s natural to have many questions, especially considering the diverse terminology involved. Not all these products are the… Learn More

The Difference Between Micellar Casein and Caseinates

Typically, micellar casein concentration for commercial use is accomplished by microfiltration.  Caseinate production on an industrial scale takes place via a multi-step chemical processing of large quantities of skim milk. The preference for this process stems primarily from the basic nature of th… Learn More


As it is derived from milk, MPC is not vegan. However, dairy products are considered vegetarian. A vegan avoids all animal products, including eggs and dairy, while vegetarians tend to consume dairy products and eggs. Vegetarianism is usually a diet, while veganism is a lifestyle.

What are uses for Milk Permeate Powder (MPP)?

Milk Permeate Powder (MPP) is a readily available food ingredient that can provide useful, cost effective solutions to meet today’s food formulations trends. MPP is an economical way to provide dairy flavor to many food systems. It can provide flavor enhancement, improve texture, cost savings, and… Learn More