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Is solubility a reflection of quality?

Solubility of MPC/MPI is an important quality characteristic that determines how successful the product will be in various applications. This important product attribute can be affected by several process parameters including freshness of the raw milk prior to processing, processing conditions, and … Learn More

What are typical NSI and WPNI results for MPC powders?

In analyses by outside laboratories, NSI results for MPC powders were found to range from a low of 35 to a high of 72. NSI results for three separate lots of Idaho Milk Products’ IdaPro® MPC powders ranged from 67 to 72. An outside laboratory also analyzed MPC powders for WPNI. Typically, most MP… Learn More

How is solubility of Dairy Proteins measured?

Solubility of dairy proteins is measured by determining the quantity of protein nitrogen that is water soluble versus the quantity of protein nitrogen that is water insoluble. Proteins are long chains of amino acids. Nitrogen is part of the backbone of every amino acid. Therefore, to measure protein… Learn More