Chenchaiah Marella Ph.D. – Guest Speaker at ADPI Dairy Ingredients Symposium

JEROME, I.D. (February 21, 2019) Chenchaiah Marella Ph.D., VP of Research & Product Development with Idaho Milk Products will present ‘Maximizing the functionality of milk protein powders – processor options and end user benefits’, at the ADPI Dairy Ingredients Symposium on February 28, 2019.

Dr. Marella will cover the targeted functional properties from MPCs, how processing conditions influence the functional properties, the impact of storage and handling on functional properties, options for processors to improve the functionality of milk protein powders and how functional MPCs benefit end user applications.

“We are honored to have Dr. Marella share his expertise on this topic,” commented Joe Henry, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, “We are proud to be able to offer our customers the kind of world-class technical help Dr. Marella brings to the table.”

Dr. Marella joined the Idaho Milk Products team in 2014 and has more than 20 years’ experience in dairy science and technology. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Dairy Technology from ANGR Agricultural University, India, his Master’s degree in Dairy Engineering from Gujarat Agricultural University, India and his Ph.D. in Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering from South Dakota State University. He came to Idaho Milk Products from California Polytechnic State University, where he held the Leprino Foods Chair in Dairy Products Technology. Previous to his work at Cal Poly, Dr. Marella was the Manager of the Institute of Dairy Ingredient Processing in the Dairy Science Department at South Dakota State.

Dr. Marella is responsible for new product development, product research, evaluation of new technologies, coordinating scale-up of new products, management of University collaborations, intellectual property development and everyday management of department staff and laboratories.

“I am excited to be part of a team with the ability to create highly functional ingredients for high protein foods, aiding in the support of consumer demand for high protein products.” said Dr. Marella.