What Can Micellar Casein Proteins Do For Your Business?

From changes in product labeling regulations to increasing consumer awareness about the importance of healthy eating, food and beverage manufacturers face a unique opportunity today. With the right product formulations and the appropriate ingredients, it may be possible to capture audiences in new market segments. Chances to expand and improve products are plentiful, and a rich source of micellar casein can play an important role in capitalizing on these growth opportunities.

Advanced production methods now make it easy for formulators to tap into the benefits of micellar casein and its unique, intact structure. When compared to previous chemical-based extraction methods, the gentle ultrafiltration of Grade-A skim milk produces complete protein globules that do not exhibit many of the less desirable attributes of many common caseinates.

How could your business benefit from exploring the inclusion of micellar casein into product formulations? From processed cheeses to ready-to-drink nutritionally-enhanced beverages, there are many ways to use this exciting product to open new markets and grow existing successes.


Tap Into a Growing Market of Informed Consumers

Taste remains perhaps the most critical factor in obtaining and retaining consumer interest in a food or beverage product, but it is no longer the only thing buyers consider. Increasingly, consumers are aware of and engaged with the nutritional aspects of the foods they consume. This change includes not only products developed for nutritional supplementation, such as protein bars and shakes, but also more common products, including yogurt, cheese, and more.

Micellar casein, as an important source of long-acting nutrients that slow protein breakdown in the body, has an important role to play in fortifying such products. Because its addition is unlikely to alter the flavor profile of a product significantly, it is possible to increase its nutritive value and appeal to new consumers without fundamentally changing the foodstuff. These attributes are a key reason why the micellar casein market is forecast to exceed $1 billion in value by the mid-2020s.


Support the Creation of Enhanced Non-Dairy Products

Protein-enriched foods are a growing market sector, including baked goods, as more consumers consider how to support healthy daily activity and exercise. By including micellar casein in more of your company’s products, you can tap into these market segments and reach a broader audience more interested in wholesome foods. Most importantly, casein typically does not trigger sensitivities such as lactose intolerance. Although a small portion of lactose remains after ultrafiltration, approximately 2% by weight, this is usually not enough to trigger lactose intolerance except in those with very severe allergies. As a result, micellar casein is a popular choice for creating products that can fall under the label of “lactose-free” while offering richer protein contents.


Replace Chemical Casein Extraction Methods

Does your business already rely on casein products in some formulations? If so, you likely use chemically-derived casein ingredients, such as sodium caseinate. These products, though still effective, often come with some noticeable drawbacks. Acid-derived caseinates may increase the number of “off” flavor notes in a product while also sometimes altering appearance more than desired. Using a cleaner micellar casein, free from chemicals and denatured proteins, reduces or eliminates these concerns. At the same time, you can improve product formulation, appearance, and taste, all while saving space in your budget — less micellar casein is necessary to achieve the same result.


Improved Formulation Capabilities with Minimal Taste Impacts

Enhancements to the formulation process itself are also possible with micellar casein, contributing to additional cost-savings and efficiency improvements. Casein micelles have properties that enable it to bind more water, making it a more effective emulsification and stabilizing agent. As a functional ingredient, micellar casein is highly cost-effective, achieving the same desired outcomes with much less product than most other caseinates. Harnessing the demands of the market and delivering the products consumers want to see at the right price and good margins is made simpler with a reliable source of casein, whether you’re making non-dairy creamer, new cheese products, or items aimed at athletes.


Tapping Into the Benefits of Micellar Casein with Idaho Milk Products

Taking full advantage of what’s possible in food and drink formulation with micellar casein requires a pure source that is also easy to use. IdaPro MC from Idaho Milk Products can be that source for your business. Always derived from pasteurized, fresh skim milk, our gentle filtration process yields a highly versatile powder comprising 88% protein. With a flavor profile described as “light” and “clean,” it is easy to achieve the desired outcome in a given product without overwhelming other intended flavors. Suitable for both enriching protein content and for stabilizing or emulsifying products, IdaPro MC represents a rich opportunity for saving money and improving products at the same time.

To learn more about IdaPro MC or to request a sample, please contact Idaho Milk Products today.